Psychedelics for Mental Health Treatment

Psychedelics for Mental Health Treatment

Searching for Psychedelic Treatment in San Diego? Mental health treatment plays a critical role in the overall wellbeing of the nearly 800 million people who experience a mental disorder annually. Without proper care, symptoms of depression, anxiety, phobias, and other illnesses could have terrible consequences for patients, their loved ones, and society in general. While […]

How Psychedelics Affect Mental Health

Psychedelic Medicine san diego

Looking for Psychedelic Medicine in San Diego? The Summer of Love called, and it wants it psychedelics back! The 1960s gave us The Moon Race, a war in Vietnam, British Invasion musical groups, and Harvard psychologist Timothy Leary and his one-man battle to legitimize psychedelics as a treatment for mental health disorders. Sixty years hence, […]

How Psychedelics Treat Depression

The key to treating depression is recognizing the symptoms and seeking immediate care from a mental health professional. Once diagnosis has happened, a doctor will prescribe treatment for depression and other mental disorders, possibly focusing on a combination of in-patient or out-patient therapy and medicine. Thanks to legitimate research, the smart money may be on […]