Types Of Migraines

Many people think a pounding, eye-shutting headache is a migraine in disguise – and that may be the case. But many headaches and pain conditions, including a migraine, have overlapping symptoms that can mimic one another. Identifying the migraine, and knowing its warning signs, helps your healthcare provider make an accurate diagnosis and offer treatment …

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Your spouse says you’re obsessive about counting money in a certain way. Your co-worker has observed that you lose focus sometimes and appear to “zone out.” What’s going on? It’s possible you could be experiencing signs of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and obsessive-compulsive disorder. Fortunately, both conditions can be treated. What is ADHD? “ADHD stands …

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Spravato For Depression

Millions of people worldwide have depression symptoms, often resulting in relationship problems, other medical issues, and sometimes even disability. If you have low moods, problems eating or sleeping, or can’t focus your thoughts. You may be able to reduce depression symptoms using different methods, including new therapy options like Spravato. What is Depression? According to …

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OCD Habits

You enjoy neatness and regular routines. Your life is built around organization and regular schedules, sometimes to the point. Others say they’re worried about you. Maybe you’re just a perfectionist with specific personality quirks. Or perhaps you’re exhibiting habits that match the criteria of a condition known as obsessive-compulsive disorder. What is OCD? “Obsessive-compulsive disorder …

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