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An innovative, effective treatment for debilitating depression.

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Ketamine may be the right treatment for you

Ketamine is now being offered as an innovative, cutting edge and effective treatment for severe and debilitating depression. It has also been shown to be effective for management of other psychiatric illnesses including PTSD, addiction, OCD, and certain pain disorders. The therapeutic effects from Ketamine can be almost immediate which makes this a unique treatment in the field of psychiatry. It’s been shown that the most effective route of administration for Ketamine is through intravenous infusion. This is done at our clinic under the supervision of a board-certified anesthesiologist for maximum safety. This is typically not the case at most clinics that are run by psychiatrists.

Fast Acting

Studies have shown an almost immediate decrease in depressive symptoms in about 70% of patients who received an initial IV infusion of Ketamine given over 40 minutes.

Intravenous Infusions

At our clinic, infusions are usually given over a period of 40 minutes in a relaxed and comfortable setting under the guidance of a board-certified anesthesiologist to maximize safety during the treatment.

Many Applications

Studies have shown Ketamine can also be effective for management of bipolar depression, post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), various addictions, and for management of some chronic pain syndromes (which usually require longer infusion durations).

Our Doctors

Dr. Botkiss, Board Certified Psychiatrist

Dr. Botkiss (left) has been in private practice in San Diego for over 20 years. He specializes in the treatment of mood disorders in both outpatient and hospital-based settings.

Dr. Gillin, Board Certified in Anesthesia and Pediatric Anesthesia

Dr. Gillin has extensive experience providing sedation for treatment of mood disorders.

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Proven Results

Our San Diego Ketamine patients have experienced positive effects from Ketamine within a few hours of the first treatment.

Custom Treatment Plans

For the longest lasting results, one must complete the 2-week course of treatment with 6 infusions, which can provide positive results for up to a period of several months.

Experience you can Trust

Our board certified Clinical Psychiatrists have been in private practice in San Diego for over 20 years.

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